Mayor Archibald
Vital statistics
Title Mayor Archibald
Gender Male
Vegetable/Fruit Asparagus
First Episode Appearance The Rainbow Buddies: All Stories in One
Voice Actor John "Michael" Willson

Mayor Archibald (also known as ”Mayor Archie often shortened Archie) is a supporting character in VeggieTales.


Mayor Archibald (credited by “Mayor Archie”) is a proper aunnamed snooty British asparagus mayor of Tampa Bay city who is slightly uptight and eccentric. that marks his appearances in the very first fresh 3D animated video series, "The Rainbow Buddies: All Stories in One".


He is usually depicted as snooty, intolerable of nonsense, or royal. He often plays as kings, geniuses, and authority figures. As of VeggieTales in the House, he has also become mayor of the town. 


Mayor Archibald is a tall asparagus who is easily recognized by his monacle. Like most of the characters, he gained colored iris. He also gained swirly hair as Phil Vischer described it.


YouTube Poop - VeggieTales 12 Stories in OneEdit

  • Are You Day Dreaming? (roof picture)
  • A Very Ridiculous Sing-Along 2: The End of SPOOKINESS? (cameo)

YouTube Poop - VeggieTales Another 12 Stories in One Edit

  • Duke and the Great Sphere War!


  • The Rainbow Buddies: All Stories in One