Grandpa Grape
Pa Grape
Vital statistics
Title Grandpa Grape
Gender Male
Vegetable/Fruit Grape
First Episode Appearance The Rainbow Buddies All Stories in One
Voice Actor David Graham

Granpa Grape is a supporting character in VeggieTales.


Grandpa Grape (similar name for Grandpa Pig from "Peppa Pig") is an elderly British-cockney grape of Tampa Bay city who owns his corner store that marks his appearance in the very first fresh 3D animated video series, "The Rainbow Buddies: All Stories in One".


Grandpa Grape is an elderly grape with a purple nose and a mustache and eyebrows (that alternates from grey to white). Since VeggieTales in the House, he gained beady black eyes. who wears a black top hat and glasses.

  • He gained black beady eyes, which he did not had in his original design, and his top hat has shrunk.
  • His mustahce is designed more smooth than his previous design, and his mouth has vanished.
  • However, his mustache moves whenever he talks, similar to the Mayor of Townsvillie from "The Powerpuff Girls".


YouTube Poop - VeggieTales 12 Stories in OneEdit

  • Dave And The Tiny Meatball! (flashback, cameo)
  • Josh and The Fall Of The Israelites! (flashback, cameo)


  • The Rainbow Buddies All Stories in One (debut)